Enhancement of postgraduate studies on sustainable agriculture and future farming systems

SAGRIS modules are 4 newly elaborated educational modules for doctoral studies - two content related and two methodological focused modules. They have been determined as a priority for partner HEIs in Russia and in Kazakhstan within the overall topic of ‘Sustainable Agriculture and Future Farming Systems’. SAGRIS modules were elaborated in accordance with the European Standards and Guidelines and comply with the principles of the Bologna process. The modules were  piloted during 2021 and 2022, and are being included by partner institutions into different doctoral study programmes according to the doctoral development programmes at each institution.

The 4 new modules with workload of 4 ECTS each, are based on specific learning outcomes and student-centred approaches. They aim to improve knowledge, competencies and qualifications of doctoral students in the field of interdisciplinary sciences, transdisciplinary approaches to conducting research in agriculture and introducing innovations.